Providing Technical Assistance

When new procedures and programs are developed, training and technical assistance are needed to guide their implementation and to ensure fidelity to design. Agency staff also benefit from knowing basic program evaluation strategies and how to ensure the availability of data for research and quality assurance. Federal initiatives often require supportive technical assistance to ensure consistency across sites and to maximize the performance of funded projects. Dr. Dedel can deliver technical assistance on-site to a single jurisdiction or to multiple jurisdictions via a webinar or during a presentation at national or regional conferences. 

One in 37 Research, Inc.'s technical assistance projects include:

  • Principles of risk assessment and developing a risk assessment instrument (State of Arkansas JDAI Sites, 2014; State of Oregon SAG, 2009)
  • Eliminating the use of solitary confinement (National JDAI Intersite Conference, 2014)
  • Quality assurance standards and auditing methodology (NC4YC Webinar, 2013)
  • Consequences of incarcerating juveniles in adult prisons and jails (National Judicial College, 2009)